Principles For Summer Wellness

Principles For Summer Wellness

Summertime is about joy, it’s about fullness and sunshine, it’s a time to seek adventure and live in the light. When we welcome the fullness of the sun, we welcome all the qualities of the fire element: heat, passion, light, spontaneity, intensity, and love. While the predominant fire element this time of year can bring joyful transformation, a state of being in full bloom, the intensity of heat can also bring imbalances.

In Ayurveda, the summer is referred to as Pitta season. Long days of bright sun, sharp intensity, and the transformative nature of the season are directly in line with the energetics of Pitta. Pitta is composed of the elements fire and water, the objective is to keep both elements in balance.

Principles of Summer Wellness

Water, Water, Water

Hydration is everything. Drink lots of pure, fresh water. The sun pulls the moisture from your pores, so it is important to rehydrate. Reach for hydrosols, or aromatic floral mists, to keep the skin quenched and spirits calm. Cool liquids help to pacify Pitta, but avoid too many carbonated or iced beverages, as they risk upsetting your digestion and extinguishing your digestive fire! Swimming is wonderful for soothing Pitta and resetting an overstimulated nervous system. Seek out a lake or river to refresh in wild water or sink into a cool bath or foot soak.

Choose Cooling Foods

Balance the dominant fire element with cooling, moistening foods. Favor sweet, bitter, and astringent flavors and try to avoid excess sour, salty, and pungent flavors. Summer eating is about celebrating the abundance of fresh, light, and juicy foods. Choose the ripe, sweet fruit that may be in season, like melons and berries, while avoiding unripe sour fruit. Reach for vegetables like cucumbers, tender greens, and zucchini; dairy products like milk and ghee; and grains like oats and rice. Coconut is a favorite cooling fat. Limit spicy and overly heavy dishes. Instead, opt for preparing food with cooling spices such as mint, coriander, cumin, fennel, and cardamom to balance Pitta.


Summer seems to hold an increased expectation for doing, a pace that, coupled with the hot temperatures, can lead to us overextending ourselves and taxing our adrenals. Balance your work and play schedule in a mindful way, paring down negotiables and embracing opportunities for rest and relaxation.

Choose Cooling Exercise

Exercise should be undertaken the morning or evening when Pitta energy is not as sharp, or choose activities that are naturally cooling, like swimming or yin yoga, which are relaxing for both mind and body. Enjoy a leisurely evening stroll or bike ride after the heat of the day is gone.