2 Season Wellness Box Cycle: Autumn & Winter 2023

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2 Seasonal Wellness Boxes: Autumn and Winter of 2023.

The fat take

Missed out on our Complete Cycle subscription? Pick up this 2 season share! Support your body with sustainably foraged, organically grown, and mindfully prepared herbal medicine formulated to restore optimal wellness throughout the changing seasons. This 2 box subscription is designed to help build your home apothecary and tune-in with the natural cycles of the year, for vibrant health and connection.

What we're All About

  • Ecosystem Support

    We engage in reciprocal land stewardship, ethical wildcrafting, and all our products and shipping materials are low-waste, highly recyclable, and shipped with minimal packaging.

  • Community Support

    It takes a village. As we grow, so does our investment in our farmers and a localized supply chain.

two hands cupping a fern, a shadow cast on the right palm. Moss in the background.
  • Natural Abundance

    ​Nature provides! We formulate our products based on what’s in season and in abundance, prioritizing plants that are local, fresh, potent–and never at risk.

  • Caring for the Body

    Self-care grounds us. We believe plants and rituals have the power to connect us back to ourselves, our environment, and our greater community.