Sweet Birch & Willow Hydrosol

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hydrating, renewing & balancing

The fat take

Hydrate with the rich cellular waters of our favorite botanicals. High in essential oils and phytonutrients, these pure plant-based toners naturally balance the skin’s pH and protective layers. Hydrosols hydrate and help us to create a barrier against the barrage of environmental stressors omnipresent in our world. Plus, you can apply before creams and oils to aid in deeper absorption. Gentle and protective plant-based nourishment made for all ages and skin types.


The bark of sweet birch and willow are collected in the early spring, before the trees had begun to bud. Birch has a long history of being used in cleansing rituals, from Scandinavian sauna brooms to Native American sweat lodge ceremonies. Willow is a water-worker, growing with abandon in waterways and damp soils. Distilled together in mountain spring water, the result is a wintergreen-scented hydrosol containing the primordial waters of the season, perfect for new beginnings. The high salicylate content also makes it helpful for relieving occasional aches and pains.*

How to use

Mist generously onto face and décolleté after cleansing and before applying a moisturizer. Spray throughout the day to refresh and uplift. Mix with cosmetic clay and honey for a decadent facial mask. Suitable for all ages and skin types.

What we're All About

  • Ecosystem Support

    We engage in reciprocal land stewardship, ethical wildcrafting, and all our products and shipping materials are low-waste, highly recyclable, and shipped with minimal packaging.

  • Community Support

    It takes a village. As we grow, so does our investment in our farmers and a localized supply chain.

two hands cupping a fern, a shadow cast on the right palm. Moss in the background.
  • Natural Abundance

    ​Nature provides! We formulate our products based on what’s in season and in abundance, prioritizing plants that are local, fresh, potent–and never at risk.

  • Caring for the Body

    Self-care grounds us. We believe plants and rituals have the power to connect us back to ourselves, our environment, and our greater community.